alienology I : the sky

“Alienology: a pseudo science given to the investigation of an alien presence on this planet. Hence,an investigation of a non-existence object.”

Science fiction, in the way it relates to science and society, constantly turns into science reality, today, source of virtual realities. In fiction, Man creates new worlds. Are we the aliens we invent? The need of not being alone in the infinite universe attracts the appearance of alien beings and objects.

alienology II : Home Cosmos

“Home Cosmos” is a series where the curiosity around the familiar and home environment and its objects become references of the imaginary of science and scientific exploration, namely in space exploration and science fiction. This “Home Cosmos” reinforces the human condition in the quest for new territories. Household objects like mirrors of the distant and sometimes still undiscovered cosmos. The familiar and common presented as the unknown and mysterious. A trip to strange environments without leaving home.

“Home Cosmos” é uma série em que a curiosidade em torno do ambiente familiar e doméstico e dos seus objetos se tornam referências do imaginário da ciência e da exploração científica, nomeadamente na exploração do espaço e da ficção científica. Este “Home Cosmos” reforça a condição humana na busca de novos territórios. Objetos domésticos, como espelho do cosmos distante e ainda não descoberto. O familiar e comum apresentado como o desconhecido e misterioso. Uma viagem a ambientes estranhos sem sair de casa.

Deep Field,view from 0848/C.A.R. / Unknown planet in 2242/C.O.I. star orbit. / Unknown axis in deep field , 2251/P.L.A. / Lost transmission, communication 0309/T.V.S. / Surface of platform 2099/O.V.E. (detail) / Unknown cityscape 2258/T.A.B. / Matter,/ Neg. 9785-0446 / C.TL. / Cosmic dust aggregation 8641(37) / C. / approaching 8629(02)C.S. / Surface of 0692/P.A.P. (unknown surface detail) / Unknown life form, 2258/B.A.S.